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Our story started with the historic building at 38 Swan Street, which was built in 1864.  It was originally constructed as a livery stable-- yes, that means, in one way or another, it has been a watering hole for over 150 years!

Across the street is the Ellicott Square Building; its construction was completed in 1896.  At that time, it was the largest office building in the world, the earliest known dedicated motion picture theater, an exhibition for the inventions of Thomas Edison, and an architectural marvel.

38 Swan became a boarding house fo
r the ironworkers who constructed the Ellicott Square Building, uniting the locations in the common goal of improving the city of Buffalo.

Union Pub pays homage to the ironworkers who helped shape Buffalo into the city it is today.

The Bar has changed hands in its history-- it has been called Murphy's twice by two separate owners-- but remains a place for Buffalonians to meet, eat, and drink.

In the late 1980s, 38 Swan Street became McGinty's.

Pat McGinty passed the torch to Bill Chiodo and Nick Giammusso, themselves cousins and sons of first-generation immigrants.

In 2019, the business transferred hands to shawn shearer-- a longtime owner and manager of several successful local enterprises-- and his partners.

After nearly five years, the Union Pub crew was given the opportunity to relocate to
295 Main Street: the Ellicott Square Building that grew alongside 38 Swan Street for over a century.

As Daniel Burnham, the Ellicott Square Building Architect, said, "make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood; think big."

Join us in our next chapter as Union Pub relocates to the Ellicott Square Building and continues to celebrate both the hist
ory and future of our beloved city!
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