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The Historic Building at 38 Swan Street was built in 1864.  It was originally constructed as a livery stable-- yes, that means, in one way or another, it has been a watering hole for over 150 years!  
The Ellicott Square Building, located across the street, was built in 1895-1896.  At that time, it was the largest office building in the world;our location became a boarding house for the ironworkers that built it.
38 Swan Street became the premier location for workers, immigrants, and businesspeople to gather for a meal or drink.  As Buffalo grew and developed throughout the 1900s, the building changed ownership eleven times.  After the construction of the Buffalo Hotel (Now Sahlen Field) in the early 20th century, Buffalo's elite came to our location-- then called Murphy's-- to wine & dine.
During the 1940s, our second floor became the Ironworkers Union Hall.  Buffalo, the 9th largest city in the United States, was attractive to industrious immigrants; they would climb the stairs of 38 Swan Street to receive their union papers and return downstairs to celebrate their bright new futures.  our name, Union Pub, pays homage to the ironworkers who helped shape Buffalo into the city it is today while living and congregating in the building.
What is now Union Pub has changed hands many times over the last century and a half-- it has been called Murphy's twice by two separate owners-- but remains a place for Buffalonians to meet, eat, and drink.
In the late 1980s, Pilot Field changed the landscape of the neighborhood considerably, and 38 Swan Street became McGinty's.
Pat McGinty passed the torch to Bill Chiodo and Nick Giammusso, themselves cousins and sons of first-generation immigrants.  After purchasing the bar in 2016, much-need renovations began, including a new kitchen, bathrooms, back bar, and digital draft system.  The reconstruction project has merged period-accuracy with the amenities expected by contemporary customers.
In 2019, the business transfered hands to shawn shearer-- a longtime owner and manager of several successful local enterprises-- and his partners.  The team plans to renovate the second floor in 2020.
We hope you can stop by 38 Swan Street to enjoy our homemade food, 24 drafts, big screen televisions, and dedicated staff as we write the next chapter of Buffalo's ever-evolving story!

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